According to the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage Protection of the Vologda region, on the territory of the region there are more than 3,500 cultural heritage sites. 757 of them are included in the official lists of the historical and cultural monuments and are under the state protection. 214 objects have a status of monuments of federal significance. 543 of them fall into the category of the monuments of regional importance. On the territory of historical settlements in the Vologda region there are 670 cultural heritage sites of federal and regional significance (88,5% of the total number): in Vologda – 221, in Belozyorsk - 56, in Veliky Ustyug – 154, in Vytegra - 21, in Gryazovets - 39, in Kirillov - 28, in Nikolsk – 1, in Tot'ma – 41, in Ustyuzhna - 44, in Cherepovets – 64, in Ferapontovo - 1.
The Ferapontov monastery is put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ensemble of Kirillol-Belozersky monastery is included into the State Inventory of the Most Valuable Cultural Heritage Sites of the Russian Federation peoples. The goal of the project “The Information System for the Cultural Heritage Sites of the Vologda Region” is to create an open database of the historical and cultural monuments of the region. During its implementation information plates are going to be installed. They will contain a text part regulated by Article 27 of the Federal Law № 73 - ФЗ, an QR-code (link to the website with the information about the site), as well as information about the partners of the project

1) Popularization of the cultural heritage sites of the Vologda region through the dissemination of information about them.

2) Promoting the protection of historical and cultural monuments by informing about their status.

3) Promotion of tourism in the Vologda region by providing information availability of information on tourist sites.

4) Assistance to development of information technologies and mobile Internet access on the territory of the region.


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